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Would you like to invest or acquire a business in the United States?

Have the option of legally residing with your family in the United States? We provide a great solution to problems for the Mexican businessman!

We are your best ally to support you in the process of buying a business or franchise, internationalize your current company or simply invest in business opportunities in the United States.


We want to hear from you, understand your goals and life plans, and help you process an investor visa so that you can legally move with your family.

Doing business in the United States is easier than you think.

We walk with you throughout the process and support you ensuring that your experience is a success.

Why invest in the USA?

It is the largest economy in the world.

Country with the greatest foreign attraction in the world, due to its solid capitalist system.

A system with little intervention that respects commercial agreements with entrepreneurs.

A receptive attitude and facility of a visa to reside and work legally together with your family.

★ Flexible labor system.

★ Population of 330 million.

It has always been, is and will continue to be a country made up of working immigrants.

Immigration laws are very favorable to Mexican investors due to the different treaties in place.

Located close to Mexico, as well as a cultural affinity with the growing Hispanic population.

Latino market boom.

First world transport and infrastructure.

★ Excellent living environment and safety for your family.

Invest and earn your dividends in dollars, the most stable currency in the world.

★ Diversity of business initiatives and ease of obtaining credit at a much lower interest.



We are experts in the search and acquisition of businesses, as well as in all matters related to legal representation during the purchase process. We have a vast portfolio of businesses ready for your purchase.

Buy a business in the U.S.

Acquire a franchise in the U.S.

Investment fund in the U.S.

Expand your business to

the U.S.



Sell your Business in the U.S.

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On behalf of myself and my family we want to thank you for the excellent service received in the investment and moving process in the United States. We did not have any inconvenience and the communication was very transparent throughout the process. Thanks for your help!

-Luis Hernandez