Buy a business in the USA

We are experts in the search and acquisition of businesses, we will work together to meet your expectations, define the ideal area, purchasing capacity, objectives, and characteristics, helping you will choose the best option.
Start making money immediately, compare income from the first day.
Existing customer and supplier base.
Trained employees and established brand.
Long-term and pre-established rental contracts.
Focus on growing the business and making improvements, instead of addressing startup problems.

Acquire a franchise in the USA

We have the best franchise opportunities for Hispanics in the USA, with more than 300 options to evaluate, together we will find the right franchise for you.
We offer exclusive franchises in specialty businesses as restaurant, cafeteria shops, education, retail, automotive services, and dry cleaning.
Existing brand loyalty.
Start operation in a short time.
Proven model that has been successful previously.
The total investment is known before
making a decision, increasing the
investment security.
Very attractive for obtaining loans.
They offer experience, support,
brand recognition, speed and
Nationwide publicity and marketing.
A transparent inquiry can be made by other franchisees, by visiting them before making a decision.

Expand your business to the USA

Do you already have an established business in Mexico? Take it beyond borders with our help! Our personalized service includes project feasibility analysis, market study, financial analysis, legal help and advice during the process.
International expansion that will give prestige to your company.
Receive dividends in dollars, your money will be more valuable in Mexico
Take your company to new markets and grow exponentially.
You can make your product in Mexico and sell it in the United States, increasing your profit margins.
Stay up-to-date on trends that will provide opportunities for your global operation.

Investor Visa

The United States government has various types of investor visas, which allow you and your family to remain in the country under a satisfactory immigration status and enjoy the great benefits that this country offers.
Investment Visa service can be integrated with our additional services of Buy a Business in the USA, Acquire a franchise in the USA, or Expand your business to the USA. 
La familia, incluyendo hijos menores de 21 años pueden obtener la visa al mismo tiempo. 
Spouses can work with any U.S. employer including the company in question.
Children under the age of 21 have student rights in the country.
There is no limit on the number of extensions allowed for Visa renewal.
Your company can hire individuals from Mexico to work in essential positions.
You can start a business from scratch, buy an existing business, acquire a franchise or internationalize your current business.

Sell your Mexican business in the USA

Many American companies have extra liquidity and seek to acquire internal control of their supply chain from Mexico, as well as enter the Mexican market. We help you prepare your company to promote it in the U.S. with the purpose of it becoming a strategic acquisition that represents a great impact for you.
Take advantage of the benefit that Mexico has due to the trade war between China and the USA, and the confidence that the T-MEC offers to American investors, allowing an attractive valuation in strategic companies in Mexico.
Convert your company's capital to dollars and manage your wealth in the most stable currency in the world.
Access capital that allows you to reinvent yourself in the project you have always wanted, or, finally, retire and enjoy the fruit of your efforts alongside your loved ones
Sell your company while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality in the process. By dealing with international groups you avoid leaks that may reach employees, customers or business partners.
Protect your staff, often the foreign group that buys wants to maintain the existing structure.
Evaluate the possibility of retaining shares that will increase in value and or lead a new business activity at an international level.

Investment fund in the USA

If you want to invest your money in the United States, we invite you to do so in the safest way through the diversification of an investment fund, with a successful track record and above-average returns. We capture investment opportunities in businesses where we can provide a competitive advantage.
Access to monthly interest performance.
Obtain the benefits and the results of the economy of scale, as your investment will be managed together with a large investment.
Professional management and transparency.
Risk diversification.
Flexibility in the withdrawal of the investment.
Security through participation certificates.
Invest in business opportunities and industry consolidation.

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